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About Me

My Story


 I was the professional working mom. You know her - the mom who was juggling climbing the corporate ladder with one hand while making supper and doing the laundry with the other. I monitored IT networks, supported front line, implemented IT security policies, reported on criminal market trends, threats and profiled organized crime as a criminal intelligence analyst in my 20 year policing career. I was the primary income earner for my family and felt great responsibility for keeping all the balls in the air. I also felt responsible to all the other professional women out there - we have to prove we can do this thing called ‘bad ass working super mom’. 

Well, guess what? I *couldn’t* do it all. I was stressed, irritated, overworked and overwhelmed. I was often worried about paying bills. I felt like a bad mom because my children were in daycare while I looked after my career. I felt alone thinking, other moms are making it work, I should be able to as well. I became so stressed mentally and physically and after six months of tests was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while realizing I was pregnant with my second child. 

Following treatment and maternity leave, I returned to my career, pretending I could still handle the work load and challenges my analytical job required. I was going on very little sleep with 2 children under 4 in the house. It was an extremely challenging time for me. Financial strain, stress and unhappiness invaded me. Over the next few years I would separate from my husband and now I was a working professional single mom. I was able to provide financially for my children on a day to day basis, but there were no perks, no vacations, no education funds, and certainly no savings. My pulse would quicken with each new notice the kids would bring home from school - money needed for band, field trips, fundraisers, dances. 

The financial stress and constant worry for my children's future only compounded my ability to function. My work load increased, the cumulative effect of the subject matter taking it’s toll. I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depressive symptoms. I was in complete overwhelm. 

My Solution


 I *knew* there had to be a way forward. There HAD to be something out there that could help me get bills paid without sacrificing precious time I hoarded like a chipmunk to spend with my children. I knew network marketing was the only way I could to it. I didn’t have to be in a store during specific hours, I could work when the kids were asleep. 

It became the vehicle I currently use to create additional income that allowed me to get bills paid on time, debt reduced and take a vacation. I am able to finally contribute to an education fund and put aside money for savings. It was the way to provide financial security for myself and my children. A solution that allowed me to see my way out of a stressful career and retire at 48 years of age so that I can continue to grow and expand my online and home-based business. 

I found my calm, clarity and confidence again.

My Service


 This vehicle for an extra income stream that will allow you to feel in control of your future doesn’t come free or easy, just like labour wasn't roses and rosé. Over the last few years, I had to tweak my working hours, my methods and my own mindset. I wanted to get myself out of overwhelm, not further into it. My business has partnered with a company that has allowed me to automate and free up so much more of my time for the things I enjoy - my family, the beach, the back deck and our puppy, Bella. It was the ONLY way for me - this automation completely changed my business and has allowed me to focus and expand in ways I simply didn’t have the time to do before. I feel the need to tell you - you are NOT stuck. There is always another way. Are you ready to find your calm and clarity? Your focus and energy? The missing socks from your dryer? Sorry, I can’t help with that last part, but I DO know you are capable of building the life you wanted all along. You just have to take that first step forward.

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Contact me to learn how to make money from home and eventually leave the rat race. You can become financially independent and run a successful, fun business that will pay your bills, allow you to work from home and be the financial rock for your family.

Joelle Dagley

Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada